Nore Atuly

The Joy of Singing

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I have been singing from my earliest years.

Whereas I always knew that I would be an artist, I had to wait a few years to decide that I wouldn’t be a dancer nor an instrumentalist, but a singer.

This happened thanks to an encounter that changed my life overnight.

My friend Marc-Antoine Vellutini, light engineer at the Opera Garnier of Toulon, had organized for me an appointment with the great voice teacher, Emmy Greger, who used to teach the singers of the Opera.

I came out of this first singing lesson transformed, enthusiastic and full of happiness. I knew that music and singing would become my profession, although I still had no idea how it was going to happen.

Today, as I have been earning my living through singing and music for more than twenty years, my enthusiasm and happiness have not diminished.  Even now, everyday I learn something and this is probably what makes me the happiest.

Singing, music, and their teaching are really exciting. And so rewarding.

For me, Art is essential to our well-being.

And the most indispensable of arts is music.