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The Joy of Singing

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Nore Atuly has been dancing, singing and acting since her earliest years, but music held a particular place in her chilhood.

In her family, they listen mostly to Jazz, but very young, (between five and eleven years old), she also discovers Soul, Funk, Rock, Classical Music and Opera. Not to mention the American musicals, especially «Singing in the Rain», which she watches for the first time at the age of six, and which makes her decided to become an artist.

At the age of 11 she starts to write lyrics and compose.

A little later, she tries out the Saxophone. 

While living in Toulon she takes her first singing lessons with Emmy Greger.

Vocal technique is for her a fundamental discovery.

She goes back to Paris and begins with David Kaufmann (whose teaching follows the work of Herbert E. Caesari with whom he worked), individual singing lessons that will last several years.

At the end of these training years she looks for new experiences. For two years she is vocalist in the Avon Stuart’s Spiritual Choir, (which later becomes «The Voice of Freedom» choir), in the Alto section. She is also lead singer of an Acid-Jazz band, (for which she writes the lyrics of songs and composes melodies), of a Blues band, a Pop-Rock band and she works as a duo with a Jazz pianist.

At that time, she performs in a variety of Parisian concert venues, and takes part in charity concerts. She also plays with her sister Sylvia Versini-Campinchi (composer, arranger and Jazz orchestra conductor) and she writes lyrics for some of Sylvia’s original compositions or for Jazz themes, at her request.

She meets Bojan Zulfikarpasic (Bojan Z), who invites her to perform with him as a duo, at a private concert.

As she begins to teach vocal technique, she obtained excellent results and will invest further in teaching singing lessons. She thus discovers a real passion.

Nore has been teaching now for more than 20 years.

During these years she continues to compose (mainly Pop music), to write and to sing, but mainly in private concerts. She performs a capella or in Jazz duos or sometimes with Soul or Pop-Rock covers bands.

As chorus singer, she takes part in several album recordings.

Always in search of further experiences to learn and improve, she attends workshops and Master Classes with Amanda Ambrose, Raven Kane-Campbell, Viviane Ginapé, Sarah Lazarus and Monica Passos, and takes some Music Theory classes in the Atla Music School.  She also takes part in a workshop at the EDIM where she meets Vincent Chaintrier, Meludia’s founder, with whom she works on musical composition and who will help her discover new perspectives in composition.

But, due to illness, she «loses» her voice. As her teacher David Kaufmann is no longer giving lessons, she looks for a new Vocal Technique tutor, but in vain. It is at that time that she makes two momentous acquaintances.

Firstly the singer Laura Littardi, with whom she takes some lessons and who makes her want to invest herself in Jazz again. Then Gianluca Renzi, Jazz Double Bass and Electric Bass player, composer and arranger, who will not only encourage her to use the vocal technique she teaches to her students for herself, in order to recover her voice, but that will also make her acquire a wholly new understanding of music and especially of Jazz.

For few months she works alone the vocal technique she teaches her students, and managed to recover all her vocal abilities. This experience reinforces its commitment to invest in education in order to transmit her knowledge.

For some years now she regularly travels to New York and immersed herself in the Jazz scene of the city, completely different from the Parisian scene she knew so far, and that opens up new horizons.

It also allows her to follow through individual classes the Jazz teaching of Gianluca Renzi and Jay Clayton; with which she is also training as a singing teacher, specializing in jazz education.