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«Thanks to the regularity of my lessons with Nore, my progress has been spectacular. I acquired a more and more precise knowledge of vocal technique, a better mastery of my instrument, I was able to sing pieces with notes that I thought I would never reach, I felt my vocal cords shaping up, and I gained self-confidence!»

Karine Pinoteau. March 2014. (Actress)

«Hi Nore! We’ve known one another for more than 15 years. You have had an incredible impact on my life. You helped me to find my voice. Each lesson is super, with technique, advices, and also laughter!! The first time we met I was an amateur. Today I fulfill a dream, that of earning my living as a musician, and you are still a part of my life. You are a wonderful teacher, a sincere friend. Thank you.» 

Driss Farrio. Avril 2014 (Soul/Funk Singer).

«I had the great pleasure to have Nore as Vocal Technique Coach for about six months. There is definitely a before and an after. She made me become aware of the importance of technical exercises to arrive at convincing results. She gave me a wealth of points of references and practical tools on breathing, intention, mouth shape as well as posture. Singing is complex as it involves an instrument that is embodied in oneself. Furthermore, we have worked on songs to apply these lessons and it undeniably provided me with added ease and confidence. Singing is also a matter of confidence in oneself and one’s capacities.»

Shérif Baldé. Mars 2014 (Singer et Guitarist)

«I progress step by step toward what I’ve always wanted. You helped me a lot to progress on this path riddled with obstacles, that’s something I often think about!»

Nedjim Mahtallah. Avril 2014 (French Pop and Musicals Singer)

«After having taken some singing lessons with Nore, I confirm that her technique is outstanding! Firstly she explains the workings of our body and of our instrument (our vocal cords, the diaphragm…), and very few teachers do it!

But it is essential to the success of any singing lessons!

I recommend Nore as vocal coach because she will not tell you simply that you sing in tune, she will show you and explain to you how to do it forever!!!

She involves herself and follows her students as long as necessary, and until the satisfaction of all. Do not hesitate any more and go ahead, but do not delay as the places are few….»

Marsha Kate. Février 2014. (Soul Singer and Vocalist)

«Perfect! I have just recorded one of my pieces on the guitar… and your teaching transforms things  … in a marvelous way… It’s coming along, it is!. Thanks a million!!»

Jean-Charles Leynadier. Août 2010 (Pop / Rock Singer)

«Nore is an extraordinary singing teacher, very good pedagogue, a great listener, extremely funny and always kind and caring. During her lessons, we learn but also we have fun! I strongly recommend her to all those who want to learn to sing or perfect their singing.»

Pauline Mille. Mars 2014 (Acting Coach d’acteur, Scriptwriter)

«First of all, the people close to me and myself have noticed many improvements, especially on the placing of my voice, giving me a quasi-absolute confidence over two octaves.

I am interested in the high pitches, therefore your intelligent work allowed me to extend the range of my voice, opening new pathways and perspectives.

Apart from the placing of the voice, your work has allowed me to understand and put into practice different ‘voice colors’, indeed, I finally realized how important it is to add ‘color’ to enrich one’s vocal timbre, the sounds I produce are now warmer, colorful, they will allow me, most certainly, address in the future, a much more varied vocal repertoire.

Vibration is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect of sound. The body being the instrument of singing, I dedicate myself now to create a vibration inside my head, I focus less and less on the sound that potential listeners could perceive.»

Mamadou M’baye. July 2000

«All this wouldn’t maybe have happened without you, in any case, not like that, for you believed in me and allowed me to affirm myself as a singer. I will never forget it.»

Elodie Andurand. 2010. (Rock Singer)

«It’s been a little more than two years since I’m taking singing lessons, and for the first time I am REALLY taken in hand. I have progressed more these last two months than in the last two years. It just goes to show…

I am simply more at ease when I sing, I am much more in control of ‘my instrument’, and may I remind you, it’s been only two months…!!

Last prowess: a song that I have been working on since my first lessons (two years ago), and for the first time, I had reached a note that I had never succeeded in reaching before…. and I sing it better than ever!!

All this to say a simple word: THANK YOU NORE!

And it’s only the beginning…»

Samuel Fresco. 2008. (Pop and Musicals Singer)

«Thanks to Nore for her enthusiasm and the confidence she communicated me during my 2 years of singing lessons with her, giving me the possibility – at 50 – of making of my passion a career!»

Lily’s Jazz. Mars 2014 (Singer)

«Singing has always been a pleasure but after several years of lessons, I wasn’t progressing any more and had even acquired some defects. Today, my bad habits have disappeared, I finally understood many aspects of the technique, and my voice has totally changed: I have entered a new dimension!!»

Marianne Zani. Novembre 2012. (French and International Pop Singer)

«Starting lessons with Nore, it is like learning to cycle without being afraid of falling. We try to sing, it seems difficult at the beginning, but little by little, our voice is shaped, almost without our knowledge.»

Odile Huleux. Mars 2014 (Stage Actress)

«I wanted to thank you once more for the time spent in helping me today towards a greater vocal well-being. .. Thank you for your generosity, your passion, your joie de vivre…»

Mélanie Dahan. Avril 2012. (Jazz Singer)

«I have been singing for more than 10 years. I have learnt enormously on my own and had positive feedback on my voice and my way of singing, but I knew that I could improve. Nore helped me to better position my voice, to better reach the notes, while tiring less.It is a constant evolution.

I am also a composer and I sing my songs.

She succeeded in unblocking me on difficult passages through helping me to improve the communication I wanted to transmit. And it’s still ongoing.

I thank her for all these technical gains.»

Köhnradd Seth. 2006. (French Rock Singer)

«Hello Nore,

just a note to tell you that Kath’s wedding took place this week-end, and I won my challenge! I impressed her, she even cried…

In spite of a big cold, a blocked ear, and a hoarse voice, I still sang in tune.

She loved it and above all, was very surprised.

So I wanted to thank you for your lessons and your precious advice.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!»

Léna Fournier-Martinet. September 2010

«I feel much more at ease when I sing.

My voice is clearer.

I’m not afraid anymore to try songs which are within my register, but in which there were notes which I feared, as I felt they were too high.

In the past I was afraid of trying new songs, it is not the case anymore; I have more self-confidence.

I am starting slowly to really dig what I can do with my vocal instrument. Thank you Nore, you are the best!!!»

Nedjim Mahtallah. March 2009. (French Pop Singer and Musicals Singer)

«In the past, when I sang, my breathing was shorter and my throat was sore. Now when I sing my breathing is more regular and I can sing without having a sore throat and without too much effort. Also, concerning music, I have a better understanding of the structure of tunes, and better musical listening. And I understand the difference between tempo and rhythm.»

Kallista Rhoc. Juin 2013. (Student - 5 years of Drum set Classes)

«You are in front of somebody who is solid as to the direction to give you to make you grow musically: the foundations are enunciated clearly, you can feel the background knowledge, the rigor and the professionalism.

As for her intuition, it’s very spectacular: Nore finds the least problem before you are conscious of it and reorients you in the right direction. She gives you the feeling of extracting unknown sounds off your body: the gold of your sounds, in some way.

Finally, what differentiates her from many others, is her fulfilled face, astonished of this little miracle that pedagogy realizes only with very good teachers: when you give her back a little of what she gives you…

I wish every music aficionado could cross her path…»

Jean-Rémy Guédon. August 2009. (Saxophonist, Vocalist, Composer and Director of the Ensemble Archimusic)

«I realized that I could sing, that I could control my voice, for I had in front of me a person who knew how to verbalize my problems and proposed techniques as solutions. Singing stopped being a mystery and started being a pleasure!»

Pauline Mille. September 2010. (Acting Coach)

«Nore’s lessons teached me to occupy the space as an artist on the stage and relate better to the audience. Each note I was sending out was controlled and I could decide on its intensity. The singing lessons allowed me to understand things about my vocal technique, and I succeed in placing my voice. I have simply understood how to sing while taking pleasure in producing simple notes. Her work allowed me to find self-confidence, I am more self-assured on stage, more at-ease, and I am more confident during my performances…»

Sabine Assouline. (Actress, Author)

«I took lessons with Nore for a year and a half, and I particularly appreciated her professionalism, her pedagogic skills, her good mood, her enthusiasm, and the pleasure she finds in transmitting her knowledge.

During her lessons, there is real work done on technique, which really made me progress (my neighbors can vouch for that lol), then applying the technique on a song of your choice, whatever the genre may be, Nore adapts herself to her student.

I stopped the lessons for professional reasons (frequent traveling), but I am waiting for one thing only: to be able to start my lessons with Nore again.»

Alban de Haut de Sigy. January 2014. (Classical Singer) 

«Nore helped me to understand my voice as well as what I could do with it. With a lot of pleasure, Nore makes you discover how the voice functions and how to use it.»

Julian Penney. January 2014. (Guitarist, Singer, and Freelance Company Trainer)

«To sing!

For me to whom people had so often said “you sing out of tune!”

To sing was an unrealistic wish.

After many years I decide to at least try to learn.

That’s when I had the good fortune to meet Nore Atuly.

She immediately put me at ease, supported me in my efforts, and showed me every progress I made.

Little by little, Nore taught me to control my voice, to be more self-confident, and above all to enjoy when I sing.

To sing well is not the result of chance, but of mastery and acceptance of my body and my sensations, and of being fully present in what I do.

These capacities, I acquired them through working with Nore Atuly.

Thank you, Nore!»

Delphine Jacqz. August 2006.

« To learn to sing with Nore Atuly is not to learn but to take in! To take the time to understand, to take the time to feel, to analyze, and then to sing, to carry your voice where it must sound out in the most beautiful way. In short, it is demanding work but it is shared work. Nore is not a teacher who says that she ‘knows’. Yes, she does know, but it’s because she has lived and lives this profession fully, as a singer. Her lesson is a moment of sharing where technique and practice are concretely balanced, to make you feel new colors which will clothe a voice that we though we knew.»

Fabien Lizé. March 2014. (Author)

«After 20 lessons with Nore, I made real progress: singing has become something I can do easily (without forcing), most of the time. I feel that my voice is well placed, and my vocal cords are stronger. Of course, there is still work to be done, but thanks to her patience and rigor, I truly acquired the technique that I was looking for. Besides, we have fun, what more can you ask for?» 

Agnès Vicenzi. November 2001.

« I Had a really fun time today!!! I learned so much and I also felt hopeful that I can make improvements if I work at this. Thank you soooo much !!! »

Rebecca Robbins. March 2012

« You are in my opinion a very competent singing teacher, and the results are tangible. It’s undeniable.

Your singing lessons gave me self-confidence and a better mastery during shows on an open stage.

The first day I came, I knew nothing of vocal technique and breathing exercises. I was breathing badly and the mastery of breathing and breath was crucial for me. Moreover, now, thanks to your lessons and your advice as vocal coach, I can autonomously warm-up my voice correctly.

And I see the result with the audience, when I sing now, it’s totally different.

What’s very pleasant in your lesson, it’s that I feel validated and listened to. That is, you know how to say when we work well, and that allows me to progress step by step and continuously. The technical explanations are clear. I’m really satisfied of my singing lessons with you, as you go straight to the goal and the results are real. All the best.» Laëtitia Karrer. December 2009.

«I’ve been taking singing lessons for 4 years with Nore and I find her a wonderful teacher: I have progressed a lot and I have a great time with her»

«Nore is a great teacher. She really loves teaching and makes you feel so well....all the time!»

Christine Descamps. 2013

«Dear Nore,

On the foundations of a strong technique and a firm but encouraging teaching method, you made me discover MY voice! Thank you for these hours of captivating study!» 

Françoise Périnaud. September 2005.

«Nore opens the path leading to new peaks. Those of our voice… Nore has a great ear and knows how to explore and exploit the potential of a voice that was content with cycling paths, to bring it on a Formula 1 circuit. Nore has an astonishing and efficient technique that frees the voice and allows it to blossom in tunes and tone previously thought of as ‘too this or that’.  As for me, she got rid of the fences I had built relating to singing. She is a great pro. And, what makes it even better, a ‘good’ person.»

Brigitte Duquesnes. 2007.


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